"Greetings godless sodomites!"  (to quote Stephen Colbert in his amazingness and glory)

This is my first post on Vox!  I'm unsure what to do with Vox.  I have another blog which I hardly update and have trouble keeping up with so I don't see how I can handle TWO blogs.  I like Vox with it's cute little features like music uploads, easy photo and video sharing and cool "book" feature.  Direct link with Amazon album and book covers!  Nice.  Also VOX!  Vox vox vox!!  V!!  I like things that start with V.  Violin.  Viagra.  Vulture.  Vapid.

I like the QotD and I like the photo scavenger hunt.  I might end up participating in those and randomly posting when I feel the need.  Maybe I'm just testing out the waters and seeing if Vox is indeed the new love of my life.  It is flashy and pretty, but should I give up on my old loyal blogger?  Is Vox a homewrecker or am I just a blogging two-timer?  And when will non-Voxers be allowed to comment?  And when will we be able to post our own links in the sidebars?  These are the questions that keep me up at night.

I also like that the Vox layout is very…Google-ish (user friendly) and sleek even though Blogger is supposed to be the  offical Google blogging forum?  I also like that you can make "secret" posts that only your "friends" and/or neighbors can read.  And you can hide your posts from public explore pages.  Interesting.  Maybe I should post something about my underwear and my toenail clipping habits.

Maybe I'll just use Vox to post pictures of kitties.

Here is a little somin' somin' to keep you smiling:

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