Sometimes stuff just cracks you up.  For example, this morning I checked my email and there was an email from my cousin in Hong Kong.  She's definitely my favorite cousin by far, a very cool person.  She didn't write anything to me, but included an attachment.  Let me share with you what she sent me:

A Hello Kitty calendar!  HAHAHAHA!!  Please take the time to click on it twice to blow it up to readable size.  It's really worth it.  I swear.  I've been giggling about it all morning.  It's hilarious.  I mean, she's definitely 7 years older than me.  Not only is it in English and in Chinese, but it's definitely all 12 months surrounded by no less than 30 colorful pictures of Hello Kitty.  The obvious thing to do is to print it out at work on the color printer and post them all over the lab. 

Hahahaha.  Man.  Friggin' hilarious, I tell thee.

And now, here are some chapter titles from How Life is Unfair to Me (a joint work in progress):

Chapter 1: Where the hell is teleportation, physicists?

Chapter 23: Rain during the long weekend, sunshine and happiness during the work week.  Why?  WHYYYY????

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