While waiting for my ES cell media to warm up this morning, I took a quick tour of what the New York Times had to offer this fine TUESDAY morning (yay for long weekends).  This is what I found:

Chinese Au Pairs: This article is very interesting to me because um, what the hell will rich people do next?  I can't believe it's TRENDY to have Chinese Au Pairs.  What is it, like Chinese nannies are the new French nannies?  Brown is the new black.  Chinese are the new German.  And what makes you think that Chinese people can take care of children?  Maybe the fact that there are billions of Chinese people.  They must be doing something right, I guess?

Sexual Cannibalism
: Um, yeah.  What the title says.  Go female praying mantises.  I mean, wow.  Talk about feminists.  They should use a praying mantis as their symbol.

The Genius of Blues Clues: Obviously, people!  I mean, Cammy and I figured this out a long time ago–and she figured it out way before me.

College is Expensive: I really like this guy.  I wish he was the president of my college.

World of Warcraft
: This game is so good that you won't want to spend time with your long-distance girlfriend just so that you can play it!

Low-pay for entry level jobs
: A list of pretty obvious statements–on average college grads make more than high school grads.  "Professor Rouse of Princeton said a college degree added $402,000 to a graduate’s lifetime earnings."  Good to hear, man.  Good to hear.

2-year Colleges: Remedial math?  Talk about grade inflation.  How can you now know the Pythagorean Theorem and still graduate high school?  Maybe I'm being very snobby here, but come on, that's got to be a requirement for graduation from high school, right?  Being able to do a simple calculation to figure out how big your television screen is?  I would have thought that would be standard.  Anyhow, maybe people would be better at math if this country would fucking speed up to modern times and adopt the fucking METRIC SYSTEM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.  EMBRACE MULTIPLES OF TEN, PEOPLE.  But really, I won't rant about that now.  Promise.

Marilyn Monroe: It is always interesting to see how much more famous you can get by drying tragically.  They even talk about it in this article with her French counterpart, Brigitte Bardot whose name is not as well known as Marilyn Monroe.

In a side note, have you even been here?  Very very interesting to me, the fanatical meat eater.  Maybe more on that later.

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