Pictures from Elizabeth Park over the most GLORIOUS weekend EVER. Because it is September the roses

were looking a little "knackered" as Elroy described.  But it was still nice that there were any roses at all because it

's so late in the season.  Very colorful. 

There was only one wedding (as opposed to the FIVE weddings that were there when we were visiting in early June) and there was a Korean bride and groom, but it looked like they were only there to take pictures.  If you can't tell, Elizabeth Park is really popular for weddings…

After walking around the roses for a while and because I got tired of fending off requests to take a solo picture by the roses, we went to go feed the geese and the ducks (totally an utterly illegally) their normal feast of cheap bleached white bread.  They were totally into it.  And

not only that, but the FISH were really into it.  Man, they were competing with the ducks and geese for that bread.

I guess geese are supposed to "honk" and ducks are supposed to "quack" and fish…gurgle?  Some of the fish

were really really brightly colored–almost a fluorescent orange color.  Very flashy.

It was a really really beautiful day and there were tons of people there picnicking, playing tennis,  marrying each other, playing field hockey, and even playing croquet at the croquet lawn that they have there. 

I kind of want to get a new camera but it's one of those things where it's totally extravagant because I don't need a new camera because mine is fine, but I just want a new camera because in my head the new camera is amazing and it would kick the ass of my other camera, but really it's just me being materialistic.  I really kind of want one of those big SLR cameras, but a digital one.  I'll be sure to get one the next time I randomly happen upon $1,000.  You know.  On the sidewalk.

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