So I was reading this yesterday.  I, myself, am not a fashionable person in the true sense of the word, but I wanted to catch up on the workings of "fashion week" in NYC on the New York Times.  (Also, I kind of have a crush Mischa Barton–sue me.  Terrible actress, but very very pretty.)  Upon seeing some of the new up and coming supermodels, I thought I would look up Gemma Ward, seeing as I didn't know/recognize her.

Upon searching for images of her, you find lots of the usual crazy fan sites.  And then you get sites like this one.  Okay, people.  This is a little fucked up.  I mean, I've definitely read about those crazy people online who bait each other and they wear red string bracelets as a sign of solidarity of starvation or whatever, but I have never actually come across one of those actual websites.  People who talk about how they've only had one piece of lettuce in one day and then one of their sisters from the sorority of fucked up self-perception and eating disorders comments and says, good job!  That's some serious FUBAR there, people.  But this is a 'real' website!  I mean, the girl is like a demonic version of Bridget Jones what with how she lists her weight on every post.  Personally, I am of the belief that this probably not healthy.  I mean, how can it be?

There's athletic anorexia.  Again, science stating the obvious.  Excessive exercising + no caloric intake = DEATH.

So, eat food, people!  It's actually good for you.  As for wanting to be psychotically skinny, you can definitely eat, exercise and still look good.  (Or you can be a freak, like my constantly ice-cream eating, perpetually skinny mom.)

ADDITION 09.21.06: Ooooo a new one!

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