You are offically reading the blog of a person who had $472.11 charged to their credit card last night a la one roundtrip ticket on Virgin Atlantic from NYC to ye grand olde London.  I'll be there post-Christmas and pre-New Year's so I'll get to celebrate the champagne holiday 6 hours ahead of schedule.  I hope this doesn't mean that I've short-changed myself of six hours out of 2006?

Word on the street (aka, the mouth of Elroy) says that there could be a quick trip to Germany to visit his brother over the 9 days that I'll be on the other side of the big pond.  I will keep you posted on that one, ja.

I'm a little apprehensive if only because I will be meeting "Jane" (long ago divorced from George) and this does indeed make me nervous.  Mothers tend to be very protective of their sons.  And meeting George was…interesting.  He is great, but very intense.  Speaking with him is (what I imagine) like being pimped by your resident or attending when you are but a mere 3rd year medical student.  To use another analogy, it is like being grilled by a more intense Alex Trebek.  I'd like, "leave me alone so that I can whimper in the corner" for $500, please Alex.

It wasn't that bad.  George is man who likes to debate and discuss things in full.  He's not one for silly conversation.  Add that to dry British wit and you have a recipe for intimidation.  I'm always game for intense conversation being a product of hoity-toity prep school and a liberal arts college so it was fine.  Elroy said he thought I did "very well" and then general consensus afterwards was that both George (and his girlfriend) liked me enough to make sure that I was going to visit them in ye merry England over the holidays.  They bought me tea and chocolates!  It was cute.

The other trauma is that I have a speeding ticket fine to pay.  This "sucks balls" as 1. I wasn't speeding and 2. It's a pretty expensive ticket.  The only good thing is that I'm not going to have any points charged to my driving record (awesome for car insurance purposes).  80 in a 65!!  EIGHTY!!  Some jackass with Ontario plates was speeding by me going 85 and THEY didn't get a ticket.  Damn Canadians.  Sheesh.

In this month I will have basically spent an entire paycheck on a plane ticket, a speeding ticket, and purple leggings with skulls on them (yay for Halloween!).  Ah yes.  Intentional and unintentional personal spending.  Me me me me me!  Something tells me my friends are getting golden macaroni picture frames for Christmas.

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