Things have been trotting along here in mid-twenties land.  A mystical land where

people become intimidated by their own blog due to their perceived mediocre skills with the English language. 

That being said, I have just finished my first book in a long list of books to get though.  "Self-Made Man" by Norah Vincent (really quick summary): a lesbian woman dresses and acts in drag for a year and a half and writes about it.  It is really easy to read and well written.  (That sounds a little redundant, but you know what I mean.)  The first point of interest is that she goes by "Ned" in the book, which to me is weird because she has a man's last name that she could easily have used.  But I'm sure she wanted to make this "man" version of herself different than her.  Also, since most of the experiences were done in a anonymous fashion, I'm sure she didn't want other people to accidently find

her.  Anyway.  Camalittle and I read this book together!  Like in our own little post-undergrad book club.  I have a lot to say about it, but in general, if you're lookin for something thought provoking but easy to read, pick this up.

I indulged in some fall apple picking with Camalittle and Elroy.  It was very fun.  We drank cider, ate freshly baked apple cider doughnuts, made apple pie, picked a pumpkin and were generally very New Englandy.  When I was out with Camalittle I had the fortune of finding a mutsu apple that had a BUTT.  An apple butt!  It was amazing, but then when I went to the orchardwith Elroy he found a butt apple too!  More amazing.  Of course, we were sort of on the lookout for another butt apple, but the nice part about the whole thing was that he found a girl butt apple (right) and I found a boy butt apple (left).   Aren't they a cute pair?  Totes.

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