I cannot believe that it's NOVEMBER!  Too fast, too fast, Captain!  I'm not ready to be 25 yet!!  Only, I am.  So I'd better learn how to deal. 

Last night was the infamous Halloween night (aka, kids running amok in the streets throwing eggs) and it always amuses me because the kids who live near me are so…disaffected.  The fun for them is the candy.  And since all the want is candy, then all they have to do is go door to door and ask for it.  Nevermind the outdated tradition of dressing up in a fucking COSTUME.  No, no.  Just ring the doorbell and get what you think you deserve–free candy.  I mean, I was more dressed up than some of those kids!  At least they actually said"trick or treat" though instead of just holding out their bags and their hands.

For my costume, I decided to reprise the ruby slippers (yay for child size 3) that I bought from Target last year and decided to dress up as the Wicked Witch of the East. And it was also disturbing to me that I was probably less than ten years old than the kids who were tick-o-treating.  I gave one of the kids a hard time because he was dressed in normal clothes with NOTHING resembling a costume.  Not even face paint.  I mean, come on, kid, don't you think you could just throw on some face paint?  I kind of gave him a hard time.  I said, "What, no costume?"  He was like, "No….." quickly taking candy so that he could skidattle from my judgmental eyes.  Hey.  If I'm going to give up my Reese's peanut butter cups, there'd better be a good reason (read: actual costume).

I watched 28 Days Later while finishing up a quilt for my sister that I started a while ago.  Now that I'm over the fact

that the movie is not scientifically sound, I realize that it is a very enjoyable movie!  There is no way that a virus can infect someone with "rage."  First, I hate that that's the way it's described.  Perhaps there could be a virus that can bypass the blood brain barrier and affect the 5-HT1B seratonin receptors, which causes increased aggresion in mice.  They could be infected with a receptor inhibitor that aggrevates the aggression center of the brain, but dudes, a virus really can't do that unless it inserts itself into the genome and then causes protein production.  A bacteria, yeah more likely, but not a virus.  And one drop of blood?  One drop of blood cannot contain enough virus to change a person into a raving lunatic blood spewing psychopath in less than a minute.  Maybe 20 minutes, minimum.  Also, they cannot be infected with "rage."  Ugh, that shits me.  That, my friends, is called Hollywood.  Although, I wouldn't label this movie as Hollywood because it's indie and it's Brit, which makes is a pretty cool, very well done movie.  Describing it as Hollywood is a little bit cruel and insulting.  They do take some biological liberties though.  Just cover your ears and ignore that part and then you'll realize that it's a good movie.

What irritates me the most is that one drop of blood scene because later in the film Jim and Selena are making out and Jim is covered with blood!  Some of which is from "infected" people.  I cannot believe that they both wouldn't be infected if one drop of blood in the eye can cause a large grown man to turn so quickly.  Also the psychotic rebel animal right people in the beginning irritate me.  What good does it do to free tame animals from cages?  Are you going to teach them how to forage for food?  Are you going to bring them back to the jungles of Africa so that they can die?  Honestly, people, think things through for a change.

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