I've been increasing my extracurricular activities lately.  (No, not like that, gutter mind.)  For one thing, I have been going to a lot more yoga classes.  I am completely addicted to yoga.  It is very much like a drug.  I mean, any exercise can be addictive as exercise releases opiate peptides (endorphins) and makes you generally feel very happy and good.  I found (through another PhD-slave friend/classmate) an amazing yoga studio nearby that has a large cast of fantastic yoga instructors.  They each have their own style and I have recently gone to three different classes, each with a different instructor.  Yoga is awesome.  Of course, I am sad that I am not flexible enough to put my leg over my head, but maybe one day.  One day.  After a session of yoga and a nice savasana at the end I am totally at peace with the world.  No more road rage.  No more liberal outcries at the atrocity that is Fox News.  No more irritation that some people have no idea what a PhD is or what it is for.  Lovely, lovely yoga.  You feel relaxed, but energized.  Here is a picture of one of the teachers–she's also the director of the studio.  I don't know the name of the position, but dude, I saw some people in my class get into this position.  Needless to say, I was far from that, but I think it's a beautiful pose/position:

Tonight is not yoga night, but ice skating night!  Another friend and I are taking ice skating lessons at a nearby local/municipal skating ring.  It's not the famous one in Simsbury where a lot of famous Olympians train, but it is a nice rink that was just redone and it is literally only 5 minutes away from work/school.  I know how to skate, but never very well.  In order to be good at anything you need to do it more than once every three years.  Anyway, last class was really fun!  And I bet tonight will be to.  We were supposed to learn how to snow-plow stop (can't really do) and how to "skull" (I can do this one!) which is to start with your heels touching and then glide your feet outward to make your toes touch by tracing the outline of an almond with both feet.  You can do this over and over across the ice and it's pretty fun because it's fast when split your feet and then slows down as you touch your toes.  The instructor is really nice and told us that she didn't learn how to skate until she was 29 years old.  That made me feel a little better.

I hope I'll be able to handle ice skating tonight.  Last night's Power Yoga class totally kicked my ass (almost literally).  

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