I swear I could probably read wikipedia all day.  So much information!  And so easy to click click click your way from searching the history of A- and B-sides to a chart of the Greek mythological family tree.  Learning is fun!  The drawback is that it's just major procrastination from what I should be reading.

Also, because I cannot write a coherrent blog entry, here are some movies that I really want to see:

Borat: Cultural Learnings of American for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
Obviously this movie will be amazing.  I saw an interview of Sacha Cohen (as Borat, of course) on Conan O'Brien where he outrightly asked Conan if his "pubis" matched his hair color.  I want to see the movie of someone who can get Conan to tell someone that yes, the carpet matches the drapes.

This director is known for his weird stuff.  This movie looks good and it got a great review from the NYT.  And it has high potential to be amazing because ‘little let me know about it.

The Prestige
Christian Bale is an amazing actor AND hot.  Man, what a combination.

Marie Antoinette
I want to see this because it's supposed to be visually spectacular and Sophia Coppola herself said that it was a fun movie, not to be taken as a word for word, scene for scene true documentary about the life of Marie Antoinette.  I find Kristen Dunst to be muy irritating, but I want to see the scenes with all the crazy shoes as well as (and probably moreso) all the pastries made by the famous Ladurée bakery in Paris.  Drool.

The Fountain
I like the idea of this movie, but Rachel Weiz is a little tiny bit annoying and I don't know how Wolverine will be.  (I haven't watched the trailer yet either.)

I might try to attack this list this weekend.  If I was really cool, I would link to all the IMDB or Apple Trailer thingies, but I'm not.  And you guys are smrt enough to look them up yourself.

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