I told Elroy that as much as I wanted to see The Prestige (the kind of movie you want to see on the big screen) we wouldn't be cool if we didn't go see Borat this weekend so off we went to watch the amazingness that is Borat.  Because being cool is very important to me.

Everyone's been writing about it and talking about it and this movie has been making it's way into articles about politics and the chasm that is growing between the two populations residing in the US and A right now.  I thought the movie was HILARIOUS, but very cringe-worthy and painful.  Sacha Baron Cohen is obviously a comic genius.  He is an amazing improviser.  What's amazing is his ability to stay in character, deliver funny lines, all in front of the shocked faces of his interviewees and succumb to an uncomfortable situation usually accompanied by chaos.

I agree with the reviews in TIME and in the NYT that basically said that if you didn't think this movie was funny then you obviously are not smart enough to understand the humor.  I can see why Kazakhstan was outraged at the portrayal of Kazakh culture, but you also have to see that the joke is on Americans, not on Kazakhs.  Sacha Baron Cohen is playing the joke on the unsuspecting and ignorant "patriots" in the Southern states.  He is exploiting not only the political correctness of this day and age, but also the social grace that people tend to give foreigners because they themselves have no idea about other cultures.

There were some very elderly people in the audience of the 2:30pm showing that Elroy and I attended.  I mean, needing a cane to walk around old.  I really wanted to know what they thought of it.  They should have done a post-Borat interview.  The TIME review said that this movie would greatly divide the generations between those under 35 who find Borat hilarious and those over 35 who think that it is completely tasteless and offensive.  Tell me what you think, old people!

I only got to see Borat this weekend, but I fully plan on seeing Marie Antoinette on Wednesday with my "Twin."

Great sucess!

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