Wow, friends what a NIGHT and what a DAY!  I was super excited last night to watch MSNBC to cover the election results.  When I went to sleep it seemed pretty sure that the Dems had taken the House but then this morning to find out that they had probably taken the Senate too?  And Rummy resigned??  Holy crap! 

I definitely did my part yesterday and voted.  I present to you the sticker I recieved as proof of my patriotism uh…"disagreements" with Bush and his administration:

I saved it to add to my other sticker from 2004:

You can probably tell from this post and my Nalgene that I swing a certain way in my politics.  The other side of my Nalgene has a cute little rainbow sticker.  (Not gay but supportive!)  You could probably also glean some information from this keychain that I have on my bag:

Oh man.  Only 803!!  Only.  A gift from ‘little!  (Of course.)

In other news, I almost had an orgasm when I saw the cover of TIME Magazine this week with this article.  A debate between Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins??  Dude.  DUDE.  Best two days EVER.  (Sorry, the article is only available to TIME subscribers, but if you really want to read it just let me know.  Wink, wink, nudge nudge.)

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