Marie Antoinette
Original Soundtrack

I went to see Marie Antoinette last night.  It was FANTASTIC!!  I mean, wow, what a fun, cool, poignant, sad, beautiful and interesting movie.  It must have been so wonderful (and stinky) to live in Versailles at that time, granted that being a fucking Princess/Dauphine/Queen anywhere would be pretty fun.  And the sountrack!  Wow.  I absolutely loved the music in it.  Rock and classical all at the same time.  I actually might stop by Best Buy and actually buy the CD.  How unheard of would that be?  (Well, truth be told, I have a $5 coupon for Best Buy.)

Don't be turned off by Kirsten Dunst either!  I know I am guilty of always kind of wishing she would just bite the bullet and get braces for her crazy, outta control upper canines.  I find her mildly irritating and not the greatest of actresses.  Of course she was good in Interview with the Vampire when she was 12, so maybe she's just really good at parts in period pieces with corsets and big flouncy dresses?  Maybe her teeth are a holdover from that movie!  It doesn't really matter because she's wicked cute in this movie and she plays the part really well.  She's got really big dimples!  I don't really know why I never noticed them before.  As a side note, I have a friend/crew teammate with really big dimples and on long bus trips to regattas we used to try to see how many gummi bears we could stick in her dimples.  Five, three on the left and two on the right–pretty impressive, no?  I bet if we stopped giggling hysterically we could have fit more… Of course this escalated to decappitating the heads and then sticking them to our faces.  Man, don't ever try to drive from Maine to Atlanta if you want to keep your sanity.

So, if you want to see an absolutely beautiful movie with stunning scenery and costumes and a great soundtrack, go see this movie.  If you want to provoke your political mind to think about governing, being king/queen, and your responsibilities to your people, your family, and to yourself, not to mention how you can govern a peoples from a place as remote and expansive as Versailles then see this movie.  Also you should know that there is an interesting commentary on France, their role in aiding Americans during the civil war, and how Americans feel about the French today (who decided NOT to help out in the current ridiculous war).  The French heavily helped the Americans financially during their fight for independence from Britain (which of course was an added bonus for the French) and yet we feel the need to disrespect this country by renaming fried potatoes as freedom fries?  Please.  If general population of Americans were at all interested in respecting the rest of the world by learning about their cultures and traditions, they would know that French fries are Belgian anyway.

This movie is far from shallow and mindless, but if you still aren't convinced and would like to read a nicer, better written review, please visit here.

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