The MUSIC!!  Ooooooo, the music.  Seriously, friends.  SERIOUSLY.  I literally got out of my ice skating lesson last night and drove straight to Best Buy, ran to the soundtrack section, grabbed the first copy of the Marie Antoinette soundtrack that I could see and promptly paid for it and ripped it open out in the parking lot.  I don't think I actually got in into my car's CD player fast enough.

But I was totally justified in my insanity!  (Isn't that always the case?)  Never have I listened to music that so powerfully transcended all my emotions of the day.  I mean, sure, there are those tracks that make you happy (Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, Country Girl by Primal Scream) and the ones that make you smile and strut (Suspicious Characters by The Blood Arm, These Boots are Made for Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra) and of course there are loads and loads of other songs that will transport you back to your senior year of high school or to your golden summer, etc.  The music is so good in this movie that when you ear the songs again, not only are they fun and pretty but they make you think of the beautiful images of the movie.  They will make you sad and happy, lustful and contemplative with every song.  Therein lies the magic of soundtracks.

The other magic of this particular soundtrack is that it helps make me feel cooler than I actually am.  I always like that.  It also gives me the craving for macaroons.

Gifts for you, ma petite champignons:

The Melody Of A Fallen Tree Natural's Not In It What Ever Happened

I'm off to Providence for the weekend to visit the Elroy.  See you when I'm older (and hopefully?) wiser!

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