I don't really feel old.  I don't think 25 is old at all.  I do actually (for the first time) feel that I'm getting OLDER.  Which is a change for me because I haven't really felt the pangs of age.  This is mostly due to the fact that up to a couple of years ago, people asked me if I was thinking about applying to college.  Uh…yeah, I thought about it so much that I got a diploma.  Only recently have they FINALLY stopped carding me.  For alcohol, not movies.  Sheesh.

Seeing as I have arrived at the great quarter of a century…I would like to present to you, me as a baby!  Baby pictures!  Oh boy.  Well, yeah, I looked like a boy, but only because my mom left my dad alone with me and a pair of scissors.  Both of these pictures were taken in Hong Kong when I was visiting my dad's extended family before I was 2 years old.  I was on a plane before I could even really walk.

Haha, look at that ugly stuffed animal!!  What the hell is that?  It's like a cross between Mr. Peabody and Blue, from Blue's Clues.  I'm such a trend setter.  Also I look so…placid.  They must have sedated me.

I think this picture is REALLY funny.  Mostly because my cheeks are about to eat my eyes.  At least I look like a girl–what with the pink bunny onesie overalls.

And another year begins…

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