Man, I love food.  Anything having to do with food and I'm drawn to it like a moth to a hot hot death flame. 


For example, the New York Times this morning has an article completely dedicated to the application of the scientific method to elucidate the perfect pie crust.  Oh man.  I almost needed a time out to compose myself from elation.  First of all, meticulously going through all the combinations of lard and butter to find THE PERFECT pie crust??  It's like my dream come true.  The perfect marriage of pure logical scientific optimization of food protocol and preparation for the goal of deliciousness in my belly.  Ahhh, this makes me happy.

With Thanksgiving on the way it's like I'm in my own world of food happiness.  Of course the downfall of the perfect evolution of charred meat on a stick of our friends Homo erectus to the flaky cloud perfection of a good pâte à choux is that food makes you fat.  But that's what friends who are going to be plastic surgeons are for, right?  Right??

On a completely unrelated topic, Milton Friedman died!  This is insane.  He is pretty much the single most influential economist of the modern world.  He's all about free markets and the conservative ideals of small government and laissez faire.  I find the whole world economy and free market thing completely and utterly fascinating.  To me, it is such a representation of something that is so insignificant yet is the whole of every person's life on this planet.  It is an excruciating example of the power of man-made forces on natural human life.  Which leads me to this documentary that was shown three years ago by PBS called "Commanding Heights" (which was brought to my attention by the greatness that is Amarpod).  Based on a book by the same name, it tells the history of the world economy through the perspective of world leaders, internationally reknowned economists, and historians without the usual heavy heavy American bias.  Refreshingly, they actually include other countries because they pretty much have to if they want to give a complete story about the world economy, as opposed to the white people economy.  Since I knew nothing about this before I first saw it, I found the documentary to be pretty much awesome and very very interesting.  They interview a lot of the Big Daddies of economic policy and there are appearances by the always frighteningly stone-faced Cheney and the Rhodes scholar, Bill Clinton.  I recommend it!  It's free, it's split into a billion chapters so you can watch a little every day.  Or all at once until 3am, if you're psychotic like me. 

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