All my friends are home!  Therefore, they are spending quality time with their friends and families, puppies and kitties, not to mention their pillows, couches, refrigerators and TVs.  Thusly, I have no amazingly long and wonderful emails to read.  Since procrastination is my crack, I have resumed posting on the blog!  Exciting.  Except no one is reading it due to the aforementioned usual suspects during vacation time.  This is purely for posterity.

Lately my body has been trying to purge itself of my lungs.  Apparently they are having an hardcore lovers' spat because right now my lungs are harboring a torrid little love affair with some bacteria and my body is just the raging jealous spouse, trying to beat my lungs with a rolling pin.  I believe what was a cold a couple of weeks ago nicely incubated and turned into a sweet, mucus-filled bronchitis concoction.  I will verify this later today at my doctor's appointment.  Mmmm, antibiotics.  Bring it.

I leave for London Tuesday night and let me tell you people, I am fucking excited.  Of course I was not excited to hear about the crazy fog that has hit northern Europe, but hopefully that will clear up within the next 4 days.  Right?  RIGHT???

I have a lab party tonight.  Hot diggity dog.  More than eight Asian people gathering in one place!  Is there a law against that?

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