Hello everybody!  Sorry about the brief hiatus from London posts.  I didn't want to projectile vomit onto the screen so I decided to take a break.  And now, since this story is just so exciting…

The next day we got to chill for a day in Haslemere with the kitties.  Chloe is the oldest–I think she's 17 or something crazy like that.  She's very nice though and she's all about sleeping on or near all the warm places in the house.  Daisy you met before and Chelsea is just beautiful.  I took that picture of him when he was acting particularly regal stretching on the heated floors of Elroy's mum's music room. 

After a quick cereal lunch, we took a walk to post some mail

(in a red mail box!) and to feed some geese that were down by a small pond and we picked up the paper from a little general store at the bottom of the hill.  It was all very cute and country-like.  There was a little girl down there with her grandparents and her parents.  They were going to feed the geese too except that the girl kep eating the bread herself instead of giving it to the ducks.  Classic.  Human first!  Animals second.  Interestingly enough (I'm not sure why I find this so fascinating, but I do) the general store had so much stuff in it!  It was literally the size of a garage andit had frozen pasta, fresh mushrooms, anentire display of greeting cards, a bunch of different newspapers, as well as your usual candy and cigarettes.  Except that candies involving chocolates are called "chockies" and all other candies are called sweets.  If you say "candy" it's pretty much a siren and lights pointing you out as an American.  Just FYI for all those who are trying to assimilate.  I made Elroy buy me a Kinder egg.  Obviously.

When we got back we had a nice lunch of tortellini, creamy mushroom sauce with slices of porcini (yum!) and a salad of avocado and various greens with Elroy's mum and step-dad.  I have had some traumas with salads in the past–due to who knows what reasons–but salads in Europe scare me the most so I had to politely refuse second helpings of the salad and eat my subtly chosen salad or mostly avocado.  We spent most of the rest of the day listening to CDs, playing games and doin' a whole lotta nothin'.  That's right.  My dream come true.  I checked my email for the first time in days

(amazing feeling).  We listened to the CDs we scored from Rough Trade like a couple of teenagers (awesomeness) and ate the Kinder egg and put together the toy–which was actually pretty cool.  In my stupidity I didn't take a picture of it nor did I bring it back to me, but that's because I obviously have no respect for objects found in eggs made of chocolate.

Since we got the paper, every day we had been doing The Guardian crossword, which soon became very addictive because Elroy is actually GOOD at crosswords and gets some of them correct.  This is amazing to me because I am horrible at crosswords and I never get any correct.  However, I am good at guessing the fillers–which means I need to already have some answers–so you see where the problem lies.  Anyway, we had tons of newspapers and lots of crosswords so we spent some of the afternoon doing those including going on a rampage of internet cheating by looking up the names of dances.  For some reason the crosswords had been using all these obscure dances as answers.  Okay, maybe they weren't that obscure, but Bossa Nova?  Please.  No one knows that.  Well, no one under the age of 50 anyway.  I talked with Jane in the kitchen where she was making assorted dips for a big New Year's party that they were having in the neighborhood.  She made an AMAZING roasted bell pepper dip which I will have to try to recreate sometime.  Mmmm.  It was the yummies.  Elroy was on the phone with his dad, getting the answers to some of the crossword clues and organizing the next few days when we would visiting his dad in Chippenham.

Elroy and I battled it out in chess luckily it was dinner time before he was able to own me (my demise was pending).  Dinner was a lovely trout with broccoli and almond slices but the REAL interesting thing was my introduction to Christmas Cake.  I didn't know what a Christmas Cake was.  I mean, there's only one kind?  It seems like a pretty general description of a random cake to me.  Well, Christmas Cake is a cake that is filled with raisins, currants, and all kinds of dried fruit and doused with brandy and covered with icing that usually included marzipan.  I guess it's like a fruit cake except that it doesn't taste nasty.  It's actually very good.  We finished up the day with a little Gattaca that was on Sky which was nice–love that movie.

Now I leave you with one of my all time favorite clips of The Daily Show:

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