Taking another London post break (although essentially, there are only two more to go so I guess I'm just being lazy) because I'd like to recommend some movies that I've seen/re-seen recently.

Children of Men: [English]

This movie is absolutely amazing–great cast, phenomenal acting, breathtaking cinematography, heart-stopping direction, and of course a solid and beautiful story.  I'm totally serious about the directing.  I mean there are some really long, continuous, complicated action shots that are just mind-blowing.  I mean, how many times did they have to repeat it to get it right?  I'm pretty outraged at the complete Oscar snub.  If you saw it and didn't like it, we will probably never been good friends.  Ever.

Infernal Affairs: [Cantonese]

I saw this on Saturday with Elroy.  We were able to find a cheap copy for sale at Blockbuster.  This is the original Hong Kong movie that The Departed is based on.  Of course, The Departed is being nominated for an Oscar, but this movie that was only released two years ago is…not.  It's really good, and of course I am not allowed to be bitter that Infernal Affairs was not acknowledged because I haven't seen The Departed, but how many time have they remade international films without mention of the original?  Anyhow, Infernal Affairs is awesome.

Pan's Labyrinth: [Spanish]

I just saw this yesterday.  Not what I expected!  Although, I guess I didn't really know what to expect.  I just saw that it looked cool so I made Elroy watch it with me.  If you don't know anything about it, I would just say that you should go see it cold–without watching any trailers or reading any reviews.  It's a haunting but wonderful story.  Almost Miyazaki-esque in its telling.

Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor): [Russian]

I've already seen this movie about 4 times now and it just never gets old.  It is a really cool and fun movie, recommended to me by someone cool and fun!  One that stays in your mind for a while after viewing.  It was another Blockbuster find (an exciting Saturday morning!).  I'm so psyched up for Day Watch, although I have been "warned" that it's "different" than Night Watch.  (And most fans say that its "not as good" as Night Watch.)  Supposedly the movies are going to be a trilogy, which is weird because the books that they are based on are a tetralogy by Russian sci-fi writer, Sergei Lukyanenko.  I'm very tempted to get the books, although the fourth book doesn't sound like it's going to be published in the US anytime soon*. 

* Man, these stupid international regulated copyright weirdo regulations are killing me.  Yeah, like how in the UK they released Twin Peaks with the pilot episode but didn't include it in the US release.  So unfair.

Strangely enough, or maybe not really, I didn't watch any movie this weekend that was in English.  Although Infernal Affairs was in Cantonese so I was able to understand most of it without reading the oddly translated subtitles that had nothing to do with the words coming out of the actors' mouths.  Isn't that always the case with subtitles?  I wish I could understand/speak all languages AND get the cultural connotations.  That would be kick ass.  For sho'.

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