My tea this morning tastes a little of…garlic.  It's a little disconcerting to say the least.  In an effort to save some money and time I have been bringing my own milk to work instead of buying wasteful small paper containers of milk in the cafeteria.  Previously, I had been bringing milk in some Nalgene containers, but for some reason the milk from the containers started to taste…bad.  I'm not exactly sure what the taste was, but it was not good.  So I switched to a glass jar, which in my opinion is cleaner than plastic.  Plastic bottles often leech particles of plastic into the water they house–according to some mass spectrometry data that the lab down the hall obtained.  Can't argue with super sophisticated compound analyzers, huh?  Anyway, the glass jar that I obtained was an ex-pasta sauce container.  Hence the taste of garlic in my morning tea.

I need to find a new jar.

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