What are your favorite weird food combinations?
Submitted by Dulce.

I haven't answered a QotD in a while, but this one is fun because it has to do with FOOD.  And I likes the food.  And these combinations aren't really that weird.

I like french fries dipped in a Frosty.  This isn't that weird because I think a lot of people eat this.  Yes, the original chocolate Frosty.  While I don't condone frequent eating at fast food establishments due to diabetic and death concerns, I can't say that I haven't participated in my share of McFries and fries from other places like Nathan's.  French fries are the devil.  Once I smell that oily greasy yummy barely resembling a potato goodness, I am like a human french fry seeking missile.  There's nothing quite like french fry envy.  Anyway, the salty fries and the sweet chocolate–not to mention the crispy and warm texture of the fry with the cold smooth frosty.  It's a match made in bizzaro land, but a good one.

I also have to admit that I have been known to eat frites the Euro way–which is either dipped in mayonnaise or doused in vinegar…or both.  So yummy.  Those aren't really "weird" combinations.  Just not that popular around these parts.

Peanut butter and honey sandwiches are good.  Butter and honey ones are even better–a bonus is to put cornflakes in the middle.  A classic is peanut butter and celery (and raisins).  Another would be mac and cheese and ketchup.  I've also been known to eat pickles (not kosher dill, but Chinese pickled cucumber) and rice, hot dog pieces in rice soup, as well as garlic salt and rice soup.  Oh, and "1,000 year old eggs" mixed with tofu.  For serious.

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