Not that I'm actually trying to make a different kind of cupcake every week, but last week I tried these little babies: Pistachio Rose cupcakes with Rose butter cream frosting:

They are pretty good, I have to say.  The recipe is from the same vegan cupcake cookbook that the lime coconut cupcakes are from.  I actually thought they might not come out so great because the pistachios I bought weren't super flavorful and the rose syrup I got kept being REALLY over powered by other flavors.  BUT these are the kind of baked goods that are better the next day.  My test subjects said they were good, at least so blame them if you don't like 'em.

The pistachio flavor is strong (the next day) and the rose is very subtle.  I think most people mistake it for pistachio, but really it's the rose syrup kicking in and enhancing the flavor.  The rose syrup was actually a random purchase I made when I went to this middle eastern market to buy pomegranate molasses so I was psyched to be able to finally cook with it.  When you open the bottle, it's like you just opened a perfume bottle.  It smells just like 500 roses.  I'll have to go home and take a picture of the bottle too.  It's pretty.  Anyway, the texture is soft and perfect for a cupcake and I didn't pre-toast the pistachios so they weren't hard and matched well with the cake.  The rose butter cream frosting was awesome.

I tried to do a cool piped pattern with the frosting but you can't really see it due to pistachio overload on the top.  You can kind of see it on the guys in the background.  I made a "pastry bag" out of one of those non-ziplock freezer bags.  It works pretty well, but it's not like you can make roses and stars and flowers out of it.  But, you can get cool swirly shapes and stuff.  One day in my life I will invest in some awesome canvas, plastic lines kickass pastry bags.  But for now, we go with the cheaper, normal people option.

Home-made pastry bagGet in my bellyI need a new tray

By the way, it has been SO cold here lately (with the wind chill it has been below 0F) that this morning when I was walking to and from my car I was thinking, wow it's so warm today.  But really, it was 24F.  Still below freezing.

Although, the good part is that it might be a good weekend to go ice skating outside.  (After seeing 300 on IMAX, obviously.  SO excited.)

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