From This American Life, In Dog We Trust:

Ira Glass: When you think about it, what is it about having cats in their home that makes people so crazy to buy all sorts of stuff?

Steve Malarky: I think, I think mostly what it is, is that cats have a tendency to give people a sense of failure.  When people look at a cat, if a cat looks back at 'em, the cat almost…you can almost read in their face, the cat thinking something like: Is this all there is?  Isn't there anything else you can give me? 

Ira Glass: Wow.

Steve Malarky: You know?  Cats have this…this sense about them that they should be worshipped.

Ira Glass: You're saying that people buy stuff for their cats so that they can get on the good side of the cat?

Steve Malarky: I think so, yeah.


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