I'm in Hong Kong!

I thought it would be cool to throw up a quick post from here.  Wow.  This entire computer is in Chinese and it's kind of freaking me out.  Like…the browser's "Back" button most definitely doesn't say "Back."

Some points of interest:

1. The plane I was on didn't have any running water because there was some water problem that caused the plane to be 1.5 hours late in taking off (with us sitting there).  So the pilot was like, "We only have 20% of our water filled!  We're going to take off anyway!"  His New Zealand accent was cute, but his news was NOT cute.  So…yeah.  Had to use "wet naps" and didn't watch my hands for 16 hours.  Weird.

2. I never realized how HK is EXACTLY like England.  Only hot and humid.  And filled with small Cantonese Chinese people.  The road signs are all the same and all the cars and roads are on the opposite side.  And everything that is said in "English" is said in British English.  Some would say it is said in the "correct" way.  But we all know those people are just trying to pick a fight with me.

3. It's always weird to pay TEN DOLLARS for a bottle of water but then realize it's only $1.27.

4. It's always weird to go from speaking English 99% of the time and Cantonese only 1% of the time, to the reverse.  It's like your brain reprograms and suddenly you're exercising a part that usually doesn't get any kind of workout at all except for random phone calls with family members.

Anyway.  It's midnight here.  Even though my brain and body still feel kind of like it's noon still.  Time to sleep…again.  But this time in a more comfortable horizontal position without drooling on a half-donut pillow.

P.S. They gave us Tim Tams on the plane as a snack.  Tim Tams and Cup Noodle!!  AWESOME.  They had apples and bananas too, but that's not nearly as exciting.


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