It's been almost a WEEK since I posted about kitties!  I will remedy that now:

This is a stray who hangs around the neighborhood.  He's REALLY friendly and lets you pet him.  Which makes me think someone abandoned him.  Which makes me very very angry.  How could you abandon this???

He was a little freaked out by my camera.  Maybe he thinks it's some kind of SOUL STEALER.  Or maybe he's just camera shy.  I had to take this one from far away with my camera on mega zoooooom:

He's very very regal and pretty.  I wish someone would adopt him.  If I could catch him and had an extra $40 (and an extra couple of hours) I would take him to the humane society.  If they even have room for him.  Buuuut, I kind of like having him around.  'Cause he's pretty.  I like pretty.

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