One of the kitties was adopted today!  There was a very fancy ceremony involving the rotary in front of the hospital and a cardboard box.  Bye kitty!

Gotta love the cell phone when you don't have your camera around…

The car was very hot.  Have you ever seen a kitty pant like a dog?  Well now you can:

She was fine once I bought her outside where it was cooler.  Probably could have used some water.  Not that I had any with me at the time (or even something for her to drink out of).

She was definitely the purring-est of them all, but she was kind of crazy, hence she was temporarily known as "Spicy."  I hope she has fun in her new home and her new life!

Bye, kitty!  We'll miss you.

P.S.  I should note that the iPhone is going to be available in AN HOUR.  Too bad $600 hasn't magically dropped down from the sky into my hands.  (Or the $60 x 12 months for the cell/internet plan with AT&T.)  Too bad it's got a host of downfalls…but, duuuude.  I really want that visual voicemail and picture/internet stretchy thing.  Maybe I'll just hold out for the $300000000 Surface from Microsoft.  I hear it's really easy to carry around in your pocket.  (Thanks, habit.)

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