I saw this on the way to work last weekend:

I took it through my car window!  Pretty exciting.  Hippity hop.  Good thing the glass on the front passenger side is so clean.  I love my camera.

Also, a couple of weeks ago there were some awesome thunderstorms.  I saw a billion of these:

But I only had my camera with me/working/with a memory card for one storm.  (That's a assisted living/retirement community near the bottom.  Looks nice in the picture though, don't you think?)

Since we're talking about work, I've been meaning to post about the BOOTY that I LOOTED.  BEHOLD:

I nearly passed out with joy when I saw these babies.  They were calling me, begging me to take them, wash them and fill them with CHEMICALS.  Okay, okay, so if you look closely one just has water in it, but come on!  That colored bottle is definitely going to get something fun in it.  Like X-gal staining solution.  Or formaldehyde.  Or….isopropanol.  Yeah, my life really is that exciting.

The story is basically this.  Sometimes when labs move, they clear out all their stuff and ship everything to their new lab.  No biggie.  However, sometimes labs CLOSE DOWN.  Which is sad, of course, because this means they probably lost all their funding or something, but in the particular case of the lab down the hall, it was an MD wielding PI (meaning a Primary Investigator who is a Medical Doctor vs. a straight up PhD researcher) and that MD just shut down his lab because he's off to head up some biotech company for millions (or just 6 figures and shares).  The bottom line is that when people shut down a lab, they don't take stuff with them.  And then…FREE FOR ALLLLLLLL.  Literally if you want to watch respectable scientists morph into old Russian ladies bartering in a Moscow marketplace, beating each other away with bats and fighting over glass pipets, then DEFINITELY go to a closed lab the second after the department head sends an email to the PIs.  It was truly something to behold.  I mean, even my PI came out of his office and was like, who wants to go LOOTING??  Hilarious. 

I was lucky that I was able to grab these bottles.  I freaking love them.  Cut glass stoppers which seal with a twist…drool.  Okay, I realize something is wrong with me when I covet Pyrex labware, but come on, it's so purdy…

I got quite a few bottles, but a lot of them didn't have glass stoppers.  We'll have to order some or just cover the tops with parafilm.

Is it bad that I want bottles like these for my future dream kitchen?  Ha, I want to make my home look like a lab.  Great.

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