Saturday was the rain date for my town's July 4th fireworks show and festival.  In the afternoon, The Boy and I played some tennis (I'm horrible) and then we went prepared for our July 4th celebratory picnic.  (It's always good to do that with someone who is British.)  We met up with a friend and had dinner in the park:

If you go to Flickr, I put some notes on the yummy things we ate and drank.

The fireworks were the best I had ever seen for my little local town!  Good to know where all those tax dollars are going.  I took two videos!  The first one is great, it's the build up to the grand finale, and I recommend that you watch for at least 30 secs…

This is the grand finale, but I kind of ran out of space on my SD card so it's really short:

Sunday I used the left over blueberries to make pancakes.  Recipe to come, but first, which picture do you like the best?



Mmmmmm.  I love blueberries.

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