When blueberries and bananas start to go…it's smoothie time!  Last night I made a huge smoooooothie:

2 bananas (they were small and kind of going brown)
1 white peach, pitted and peeled
1 pint strawberries (not very ripe or tasty–I was irritated)
handful of blueberries (some started to get moldy)
1 cherry (I don't know why–it made it a pretty color?)
3 tbls sugar (because the strawberries were so lame)
some milk
some yogurt
Blend like you've never blended before.  Voila!

I was too full to drink the entire thing last night (I mean, dude, that's a lot of fruit) so I brought it into work this morning as breakfast (and after lunch snack).  But it's in a glass, you say.  Yes, it's in a glass.  I was too lazy to put it in a portable container so I just slapped on some plastic wrap and carried the entire thing to work.  Yay for whoever invented plastic wrap.

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