I was inspired by this awesome looking collage/food montage.  With the help of The Boyfriend, I decided to make my own "picture recipe" through some more inspiration from our most favoritest Eritrean restaurant.  They have a dish there called Chicken Chicken Curry and it is spectacular.  It is sweet and savory with a little big of heat to give it some zing.  We tried to make a list of ingredients from memory, then we consulted the menu online for more hints, we bought what we thought was in it and then made it!  A fun challenge, if you ask a foodie like me.  And so I bring you our attempt at Picture Recipe #1: Chicken Chicken Curry


Ginger      Garlic      Onions      Chicken   Walnuts   Jalapeños
Cabbage    Zucchini    Sweet potato    Tomato   Coconut milk

Turmeric   Coriander Seed   Cumin    Chili Powder

Serve with:
Rice and/or Naan and/or Pita

Marinate the chicken in some coconut milk, turmeric and chilies (Jalapeños).  Sweat the garlic, ginger and onion.  Add the spices and cook until dry.  Start cooking the chicken separately.  Add all the veggies.  Add the coconut milk.  Then add the cabbage.  Then walnuts.  Mix the veggie part with the chicken part.  Then ENJOY with a nice bottle of red wine.

N.B.  If we were to make this again, we would have used some tomato paste, added sugar and cooked the sweet potato and cabbage for longer–to make it closer to the real thing.  (Not to brag or anything but this was pretty close!  Go palate!)

I hope I can make more of these picture recipes.  THEY ARE FUN.

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