Okay, so I might as well come out an say it.  I'm just not a Mac person.  Yes, I do secretly covet them and their pretty pretty exteriors and the fact that many techies luuuurv them and they are amazing at all things graphic, etc.  BUT, I just cannot use that operating system.  I am Mac retarded.  I get very frustrated when I use a Mac.  And I find them extremely slow and boring.  Of course, this is just MY opinion, and there is no way to actual prove that one is better than the other.  It would be like someone proving that oranges are a better fruit than an…apple.  Ha… Anyhow, you can't prove one is better than the other, but you can find populations of people who prefer one over the other.  You get the idea.  Anyway, all this news about the iPhone, the new iPod touch and the new Nano has really got me smirking about Macs.

It seems that Apple docked the iPhone price by $200 to keep up with their ballsy claim that they would sell a million of 'em by the end of this month.  Seeing as sales quickly reached 750,000 and then kind of petered out, they are being all aggressive and cutting the price before Christmas so that they can reach another demographic–the group of people who are not the top 5% of wage earners in the US.  As in, the rest of the market.  Dude, if I just bought a new iPhone or iPod just last week, I would be pissed right now.  Like, flames on the side of my face angry.  So now the high capacity iPhone is "only" $399.  Now if only the cell phone plan wasn't $60 a month…I'd almost consider it.  Almost.  I thought apple was a little insane pricing the iPhone at $600.  $600!!  That's rent for a month, psychos.

I'm not going to deny though that I am suffering from some serious Covet-us.  I wants an iPhone.  And a iPod touch.  And a pretty colored shuffle and hot little Nano.  I wants!  But obviously my iPod is fine (despite being erased by an evil evil Mac running OS 9.0) and I do not "need" a new one.  But why would you need anything from Apple anyway?  I find most of their products shamefully overpriced where you just don't get as much bang for your buck–especially when you compare a similarly priced PC–looking specifically at the speed and storage that you can get.  I also believe that PCs are just that much more upgradeable and easily so.  I also used to be a Vista hater, but now I like it.  And I admit that it does resemble Mac OS X, but really, I like it because it's still Windows.

All this consumerism is starting to get to me.  Time to play with fuzzy kitties who do not need iPods or iPhones to supplement their cuteness or funness.

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