This is a kitty who RAN out of the bushes at us when we were walking by, meowing and mewing and generally being so cute that we were going to throw up from the cute overload.  We realized immediately from his gigantic white paws that he was a polydactyl kitty.  He definitely had 5 toes on the bottom as opposed to the normal 4 on cats.  Maybe he's Amish.  Anyway, there were definitely more toes.  I tried to get a picture of his toes, but I only had my phone with me, so that's why the pictures are kind of not that great.  

We came to the conclusion that obviously kitty heard Elroy's fantastic British accent and therefore found comfort and solidarity with his limey brethren.  Also, there's some internet rumor that says that Winston Churchill was a polydactyl.  I don't know about that, but we named him Winston anyway.

He was so cuddly and friendly!  He showed us his belly and everything.  I think that his owners were on vacation and left him outside and so he was finding love from strangers.  A total kitty whore.  But such a cute fuzzy whore!

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