A while ago a friend and I drank delicious Japanese beer and I taught her how to make maki sushi.  It was really fun!  Too bad I'm just blogging about it now, even though it was like, months ago.

We filled the maki with (from left to right) fried egg seasoned with some soy sauce, blanched asparagus, cucumbers, imitation crab meat (because we a poor grad students):

We also made a nice hot sauce from mayo and "insanity" sauce.  I didn't take a picture of it, but it was a pleasing peach color and tasted great inside some of the rolls.

Here's a beer recommendation from me (a rarity I know):


Here's the finished product, where you can see we didn't drink THAT much beer because they came out rather nicely:

You can see in the background I attempted to make a uramaki, but it didn't turn out that well so we only tried it once.  And I thought this picture was cute because we were trying to keep the asparagus fresh:

And last night I was treated to a Japanese meal with a friend's dad and his girlfriend after going to an art gallery and attending an awards ceremony where said girlfriend won an award for her drawing.  Exciting night and yummy sashimi afterwards!  I tend to order a dish called "chirashi" when I go to Japanese restaurants because I love the sashimi and the seasoned rice.  Deconstructed maki, if you will.  Edomae chirashi is awesome if you like lots of different kinds of sashimi, but if you only like tuna, try the tekka-don.  Mmmm. 

Great, now I gave myself a sushi craving.

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