I made cookies last night for a departmental party we are having today.  I will probably never make them again because they are the cookies from hell.  So difficult to make!  Although they taste really really good.I am debating on sharing the recipe.  They are so horrible to work with!  I'm sure there are people much more talented than me though at baking, so maybe this recipe will be for them. 

They taste like a cross between meringue and macaron.  Since…uh, that's what they're made of.  No flour or anything.  They're called "Zimtsterne" or "Zimsterne" and I guess they are popular in Germany and Switzerland, as well as being a Jewish tradition.  Obviously I have adulterated the original Zimsterne, but they're still cute, no?

They are actually flour-free cookies.  So anyone with celiac disease can eat them with no problem.  Basically, in the recipe I referenced, you mix a meringue made with powdered sugar and lemon zest with some almond flour and cinnamon (aka, ground up almonds).  This is the difficult part because they dough is really sticky and difficult to work with and even more annoying to cut with a cookie cutter.  I think I will have to adjust the amount of meringue with the amount of almonds.  Maybe I just used too much egg whites or something.  There definitely needs to be some tweaking.  So I guess I lied when I said I wouldn't make them again!  Hey, I enjoy a good challenge.  :)  Then in a serious bout of non-orthodox baking, I drizzed dark chocolate all over the cookies.  Mmmm.  Drizzle.

I will let you know how well it goes down.  Taste the pain, friends!  TASTE IT.

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