Thank you to Guycita and EvilWombatQueen!  I have solved the tale of the mystery cookie.  Behold:

I knew that I used to see them everywhere and that they weren't special.  But then when I got home my mom informed me that it was a SPECIAL cookie from NEW YORK CITY and that I ATE THE ONLY ONE.  So I just went to the neighborhood grocery store and bought three more.    I do wish they were Neenish Tarts.  Those sound yummers.  Not a huge fan of jam, but I loves me some cream.  Mmmmm.  Sadly my black and white cookies are bereft of any filling:

As for Australian pastries taking over the world, TimTams are AMAZING.  As in I love them.  As in, I want some right now.  Too bad they are only available in NYC and Australia.

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