So Alli_oop, aka THE DEVIL started this post about all the foods from her past that she would want near her in her current situation of being a hospital scutmonkey.  Now I want to make my own list.  Not only because I want to show off and brag about all the cool places I've been, but also because I'm only good at plagiarizing other people's post ideas as opposed to coming up with anything novel myself.  Also, I friggin' love fooooood.  So let me continue my list from her comments section.

Fresh baguette from anywhere in FRANCE
Fish and chips from this one corner place on Tottenham Court Road and Great Russell Street, London, UK
BBQ chicken jacket potato from the British Museum Cafe, London, UK
Mango coconut sweet rice from this random stand near Mike Garden Shopping Plaza, Pattaya, Thailand

Roast goose from this Mongolian hot pot place near the shore, Hong Kong
Fresh pineapple buns from Taipan bakery on Nathan Road, Hong Kong
Chai with soy milk from Blue State Coffee, Providence, RI
Grilled cheese, pear, prosciutto & pesto with tomato soup, Red Stripe Bistro, Providence, RI
ANYTHING from Bouley and his many permutations, NYC
Zhaliang from Big Wong's on Mott St, NYC
Whiskey cake from Chaiwalla's, Salisbury, CT
Fried breaded okra from someplace, Gainesville, GA
Tomato soup from a little restaurant, Florence, Italy
Nutella flavored gelato from a place near the Trevi Fountains, Rome, Italy
Peking Duck, Beijing, China
TimTams from any grocery store, Australia (and Hong Kong)
Chicken sopes from some place in Ventura, Southern California
Cornbread and mac 'n' cheese, Freedom Cafe, Waterville, ME
Fondue and chocolates from Moeder Babelutte, Gent & Bruges, Belgium
Moules et frites from Brussels, Belgium
Yemas from Salamanca, Spain (and sangria, churros, paella)

There are SO many more to list!  And so many more deliciousness to get in my belly!  But it's a good start.  And I haven't even begun to list the yummy local treats.

P.S. I entered a cooking contest of sorts.  Stay tuned for me begging you to vote for my recipe!  More begging!  Weeeee!

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