My second picture recipe!  I would seriously love to design/photograph/write a cookbook where every page has a huge beautiful picture recipe accompanied by a text recipe.  It would be wider than it is long, limited to less than 10 pictures, and it would be glossy and spiral bound to make it easier to reference while cooking.  Anyone want to give me $$$ to do this?  Anyone?  Any publishers out there…? (crickets)

Well, seeing as that is one of my many many pipe dreams, we will move on to the pictures of yummy foods.  Picture recipe #2: "No More" Curry


Chicken       Yogurt       Lime/Lemon
Tomatoes    Coconut Milk   Tomato Paste


Garam Masala   Cumin   Ginger   Garlic   Coriander Seed

Serve with:


The full recipe can be found here.  But maybe you can figure everything out from the picture…

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