Went to NYC to see The Bravery at Terminal 5.  They had black lights in the bathroom, as in…the entire bathroom was lit with black lights.  Which was weird.  Because it made it seem like it was a UV light…and I'm not a fan of that "Law and Order" fluorescent bodily fluids look.  And it's not like black light can do what UV light can do.  But still.

The opening bands were pretty cool.  The first band Your Vegas were okay.  If you like Keane, you might like them.  I loved the second opening band, Switches.  I liked them so much that I pretty much bought all their stuff that was on iTunes.  Their song, Lay Down the Law was in the movie Jumper which was made clear by the huge guy in an equally ginormous puffy coat that kept screaming "Play the song from Jumper!  PLAY THE SONG FROM JUMPER!"  Total jackass.  Both of them have albums coming out this spring.

The Bravery had a great set.  The opened with Split Me Wide Open which lead right into Believe.  Then they played Swollen Summer which was then followed by song from their new album.  Which isn't really a new album, but isn't really a remix.  It's like, just totally different versions of their songs off of "The Sun and the Moon."  Strange but interesting.  Sam Endicott, the lead singer, found time to mention the "fucked up shit" that is the national primaries.  He also asked us to take the voting in November seriously because together we can make a change.  Thanks, (Uncle) Sam!  There was moshing, there was badly planned stage diving and some crowd surfing.  There was even a girl carrying a gigantic purse wearing a 80's style cut neck shirt that said "Yesterday never dies" who wasn't wearing ANY SHOES.  BAREFOOT.  In a concert.  Where there's beer.  And everyone else is wearing shoes.  Uhhh…right.  At least at the end of the concert I saw that she put socks on.  Anyway, The Bravery finished off WITHOUT playing Fearless, which is insane.  So we had to wait for them to run off stage and then come back to play Fearless, weirdo version of The Ocean, and finished off with Unconditional.  Which made us all question the point of encores, but who am I to complain?  It was a kick ass concert.

All in all, totes awesome.

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