Begin rant:

First of all, it is FUCKING COLD in lab today.  The air conditioning is on full blast.  Which is absolutely ridiculous seeing as tomorrow is Earth Day and here we are, just BLASTING air conditioning and paying no heed to the ass loads of power being wasted cooling down this huge building even though, IT IS NOT HOT OUTSIDE.  It is like, 70F.  Come on people.  That's not that hot.  I was in Thailand when it was like 40C aka, 104F with like 99384729387% humidity and they DID NOT have air conditioning.  Now that's how you save power, jackasses.

Secondly, I am SO FUCKING SICK OF SCIENCE IT IS KILLING ME.  I think mostly it's because I'm so overwhelmed and I think I have like a million things to do and I'm behind myself.  I'm collecting all this data that needs to be analyzed and all these pictures that have to be quantified and then all these samples and tissues that have to be imaged and studied, etc.  HGHUHGHUHGHUGHHHG.  <— that's how I feel

Really, all I want to do is sit on my bed and and snuggle with my cute spoiled kitties and probably eat some peanut butter Puffins cereal, since I've been obsessed with that lately.

Also, what it really comes down to is that in T minus 5 weeks, I will have to have made a kick ass poster that shows everything that I have done so far with my pittance of a scientific life to show everyone in the world that is in my field at the 15th International Vascular Biology Meeting in Sydney, Australia.  That's right.  I am COMPLAINING about going to Australia.  Believe me, this point is not lost on me.  I am damn excited about it all.  But I just really can't get that excited about it because I am so stressed about all the work I have to do!  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I don't really know what I should do.  I have been working approximately 12-14 hours per day for the past year.  No joke.  I can't really relax because it's like I have a rabid 500lb koala on my back who is breathing down my neck to get shit done.  I have about 3 weeks to put together a poster with data.  Ha.  Hahahahhahaa.  (Insert more nervous laughter here.)  And then I have two more weeks to finish up ALL the experiments I have running.  (Fuck.)  And then go to Sydney and secure myself a job.  (Insert crazed hair pulling here.)  Yeah, no sweat.  I'll just go throw myself off of this over-air-conditioned building since THAT WILL BE EASIER.  Why is getting a PhD a good idea again?  So that George W. Bush can shit all over the economy so that there is no funding in research so that scientists will have to stab each other in the back and eat their own shoes to survive?  Oh right.  That's EXACTLY why I want to be a PhD.  Also, I just want to make my last name longer by three letters.


The good news is that I'm going to New Zealand after the conference.  The light at the end of the rabid koala infested tunnel.

End rant.

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