Yesterday I was invited to "Fun Club" with my friends and we had burgers and green bean fries at Plan B.  The burgers there are AMAZING and now that I've been introduced the Plan B and have had 2 different kinds of their fantastic burgers it will be that much harder to become vegetarian for a month.  They grind their own beef, in-house and the beef is never frozen.  The result is something so tender and delicious that you can pretty much inhale their burgers and before you know it, all that mouth watering goodness is GONE.  They have these great sides, one of which is truffle fries, which are fries doused with truffle oil (extravagantly delicious).  Another really fun side are the deep fried green beans which are crispy and fresh and covered with CRACK-COCAINE.  Mmmmmm.  I have had the Taco Burger, which has lettuce, tomato, onion, avocados and taco seasonings and tastes like a taco, but was a burger.  That was my virgin Plan B burger a couple of weeks ago.  My follow upper to that was the West Coast burger which has avocado, olive mayo and a fried egg.  Not recommended for first dates, as the yolk seeps out all over your plate and hands, but my my, it is soooo delicious.  Like getting shot up with heroin only BETTER.  Not that I know what that's actually like.  But I imagine that it's like that.

So after stuffing our faces with green beans, burgers and truffle fries, we headed over to Real Art Ways where they were showing Blindsight.  Okay, this movie was amazing.  It's a documentary about these 6 blind children from a school for blind children in Lhasa, Tibet called Braille Without Borders.  Tibet is mainly Buddhist, and generally very superstitious.  When children are born blind, many of them are shunned, abandoned, sold and/or generally uncared for because it is thought that their blindness is punishment for their soul's unforgivable horrible deeds committed in their previous life.  The children meet Erik Weihenmayer who is the first blind person to climb to the summit of Mount Everest.  That's right.  He's BLIND and he climbed MOUNT EVEREST.  Mount Everest!  Aka, 29,035 feet above sea level.  As in, there is so little oxygen up there that you need supplemental oxygen to get to the top.  And so he decides to help the kids climb one of the adjacent peaks to Mount Everest, Lhakpa Ri, which is only 23,000. Only.  I'm not going to spoil the movie so you should definitely see it yourself!  It's just amazing.

What's more amazing is the woman who runs Braille Without Borders, Sabriye Tenberken.  She is blind, rejected by the Peace Corp because of her disability and so she decided to become her own personal Peace Corp and traveled to Lhasa, Tibet and decided to start a school for the blind.  At this school the children learn 3 languages, Tibetan, Mandarin Chinese and English, as well as Braille.  Some of them go from living on the street, getting beaten and having their beggar's money stolen from them to being trilingual and trained in medical massage and able to start their own business.  Astounding.  Basically it made me feel like a real asshole for being able to see and not doing something useful with my life.

While I was watching this movie, I couldn't help but see how yet another negative impact of religion.  These people truly believe that their blind children are bad luck.  Only two out of the six children's families actually supported them and encouraged them and seemed like they actually loved to them.  Ugh.  Can't people be more responsible with their beliefs and rise above the call of religion and just maintain a spirituality which allows you to love and respect all other human beings and living creatures?

Definitely watch this movie.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will be completely amazing and you will leave with a burning desire to visit Tibet.  Okay, so maybe that last part is specific to only me, but if you're looking for an interesting documentary, this is a sure thing!

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