I was really this very seasonal and cutesy article about ice cream trucks and how they are already out in full force and in heated competition for all the fat diabetic kids out there–and it's only spring!  But then I read this part:

There have been harsh words, hurt feelings and even bloodshed between competitors. In 2004, a couple in their 60s who owned and operated two ice cream trucks were ambushed in the Bronx and beaten with an oversized wrench. The motive, the police said, was the couple’s ice cream route. A rival ice cream salesman was charged with assault and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

While disputes between drivers of ice cream trucks rarely become that violent, they can be cutthroat.

Um, WTF?  An old couple who sold ice cream to kids were each bludgeoned with a wrench over ice cream truck territory issues??  I mean, I hope this is one of those things that is restricted to New York City where space is limited so that it leads to gang wars and fighting, but man.  Makes me think twice about running after the ice cream truck.  I'm not sure if I want to be served ice cream by a psychopath.

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