I'm in Sydney!

Man, it takes FOREVER to get here.  And it's also weird to think that you can fly for practically 24 hours straight and still get to a place on Earth that is full of people and animals with pouches.  Crazy!

I brought my laptop but I was robbed YET AGAIN by my hotel for internet usage ($25AUD = 24 hours internet).  But at least they have a "free" printer downstairs.  By free, I mean only free if you use

Opera house (top)
Sydney Opera House (sun)

less than 10 pages.  I don't know yet if there are more people from my conference.  I bet most of them are arriving today.

I flew all night and day and so when I got here at 7am, I took my time calling my family and getting to the hotel.  They were nice enough to let me shower, change my clothes, and then they took my bags up to my room when it was ready.  It was perfect.

I then sucked down a huge cup of tea, bought some cheese from a guy who said I was beautiful (he sure knows how to sell cheese!) and then exchanged some monies, where the teller informed me of how to walk to the Opera House.  It was such a great walk!  It took a long time, but I went into some cool shops and really got to know my way around.  I have logged in where the Woolworths is and how many convenience stores there are and seen some of the sights on George Street, like this cool like Aboriginal art gallery where a very impressively gorgeous Australian guy was playing the didgeridoo. 

I finally got to the opera house about mid day, wrote a ton of post cards, walked around lots and took lots of pictures and then walked up to "The Rocks" where I had a DELICIOUS scone and tea at around 2pm.  It was soooo needed.

I walked back towards my hotel, mailed the cards at the post office (I got the coolest stamps ever, by the way) and then took the MONORAIL.  SO AWESOME.  I rode it around about a circle and a half, which I think you're not supposed to do, but it was so fun!  Anyway, then I finally checked into my room and took a much need bath.  My feet were exhausted.  After calling the concierge for a plug converter, I then I headed out to scavenge for some milk, cereal, fruit, etc.  Since it was Friday night here, there was loud techno everywhere!  There are also so many clubs and bars!  I think because the weather here is so beautiful practically all the time, I think they really know how to put on an outdoors party.  I was a little jealous because I wanted to check out these exclusive parties.

Random note: I think Australians wear a lot of perfume because pretty much EVERYONE wears it.  I smell it all the time walking up and down the streets.  What's up with that?  Also, Burger King is called Hungry Jack's here.  Haha.

Since I have my own laptop here, it will be easier to blog than on my Hong Kong/Beijing trip.  I'm off to pet some koalas so hopefully I'll have more fun pictures and stories tomorrow.

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