Okay, I need to vent.

I was just on Michelle Au's blog, The Underwear Drawer and I posted an "irked" comment.

Basically, I will replay it for you right here:

It really irks me that people equate Palin's lack of experience with Obama's so-called lack of experience. Palin has only been a state governor for two years–in a state that has little over half-million residents. Obama is a state senator. He has experience in Washington. He is a product of Chicago politics which is infamously challenging and difficult to navigate. Need I mention that Chicago is a city of over two million people? He also is a graduate of Columbia and Harvard Law School where he was President of the Harvard Law review, not to mention he was also a professor at University of Chicago Law School. Is Palin's resume so thin that people have to keep mentioning her status as a former beauty queen and her moose hunting from her childhood? She rose to her position through a tiny town (Wasilla) of 8,000 people. How could this be equated to Obama's experience? And how could she possibly be ready to lead this country and navigate relationships with rest of the world? Because of her experience being a sports reporter for a local TV station? And why would you compare a VP pick with a Presidential nominee who has endured nearly over a year's worth of battle with some of the best candidates the Democratic party has yet to offer?

I respect Palin for what she has accomplished while being discriminated against as woman and juggling a career as parent of 5, but please don't discount what Obama has accomplished as well, himself subjected to prejudice from the establishment.

And of course, what it really comes down to is where they stand on the issues, and not the outside packaging of the candidates themselves.

And in response to the fact that "VPs are just chosen to get votes" I said:

P.S. Sure Biden was chosen for votes as well, but he also has many many years of foreign relations expertise! What is Palin really bringing to the table? How can people equate raising 5 kids (which is difficult) to dealing with Iran and Georgia/Russia (which involves world annihilation via nuclear bombs)???

I mean, seriously, Obama has some holes in his resume, but he fills them with STYLE.  He chose BIDEN as a running mate.  Years of experience!  Not just a pretty shiny VP but someone who knows the game and the players.  He also went to Europe and knocked their socks off.  The Germans LOVE Obama!  And seriously, where do people get off comparing Obama to Palin?  Palin is a random-ass VP pick.  Obama has debated numerous times with other Democratic presidental nominees.  Palin does not even have a law degree and who the hell CARES if her nickname on her basketball team was Sarah Barracuda???

Let me quote the man himself (as said during his nomination acceptance speech):

If you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.  You make a big election about small things.

This election isn't about beauty pagents or Paris Hilton.  It's about fixing the economy, making health care work, easing our national debt and most importantly resolving our major (cough IRAQ cough) foreign policy issues.

Get out the vote, my friends.  Get out the vote.

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