My friend got me hooked on making felt things using this book:

Aranzi Cute Stuff
Aranzi Aronzo

So this Saturday during the crazy hurricane leftovers storm we had we watched movies (The Orphanage and The Princess Bride) and crafted and ate Ethiopian food.  This is what I crafted:

It's supposed to be smaller to hold business cards but I made mine big enough for index cards, which incidentally makes it the perfect size for an iPod.

And THEN when I got to my desk on Monday morning, there was a TREAT!  Behold:

mouse plus cheeseTissues being held!

My very own tissue holder!  With a MOUSE!  And CHEESE!!!  Amazing.  I love it.  I have been showing it to everyone.  Like a weirdo.

So yes.  Crafting things from felt = awesome.

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