Last night I think I perfected my ham 'n' cheese scones:

They came out better than last time.  I added more ham and cheese, and instead of spring onion, I used chives.  I thought the pepper was too coarse the last time so as you were eating you would suddenly crunch down on a big pepper corn so this time I ground the black pepper more finely which made for a nicer texture and more spread out peppery taste.  No more black pepper surprises.  Very yummy!  I love ham.  And cheese.  And scones.  I'll probably post the recipe to OSF.  It depends on how much procrastinating I want to do today.

I was inspired by scones I had at Alice's Tea Cup in NYC (one of my favorite places to go in the city).  But their scones are only ham and cheese whereas mine also have chives and black pepper.  Take that, ATC!!  HA!  Also they have these really awesome pumpkin scones and I think I'm going to try to pirate that next in my kitchen.  I even bought some canned pumpkin last night so I'm ready.

Also, I am eating really great yogurt right now:

But I also tried the vanilla Chai and it really wasn't to my liking.  This lavender one is awesome.  Mmmmm.  Good thing they were on sale because they are pretty expensive for yogurt.

I'm posting the recipe right now.  Yay procrastination!

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