I went to a friend's apartment for a debate party this past Friday.  Here is what I was doing pre-debate party:

And baked t

And frosted and decorated like this:

They were delicious AND vegan.  We mixed the vanilla and chocolate recipes from the Vegan Cupcake cookbook.  My friend also ordered samosa chat, chicken tikka masala, vegetable biryani and naan from this local Indian place for dinner.  It was amazing.  Especially the samosa chat.  Mmmmmm.  No pictures of that because I was too busy eating.  Yum yum.

The cupcakes weren't as swirly as I hoped inside:

But they were really good!

It was suggested that we make all vanilla cupcakes, but then we would have had to age them and let them get all wrinkly.  And who wants to eat that?  Especially since we would have to top them with cherries that are rotten inside?


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