I wrote this almost two weeks ago!  I guess I might as well publish it…


So the VP debate is tonight.  I will not be making rotted apple/cherry pie or chocolate/vanilla swirly cupcakes, but I guess I will force myself to watch the cringe-fest that will occur in Missouri at 9pm EST.

But let's forget all that and talk about happy things!  Like the fact that my iPod is DEAD.  Like, totally dead.  As in, my computer did not recognize it when I plugged it in.  And when I did plug it in, it had this faint eerie glow without anything showing up on the screen–not even a sad Mac.  And I tried holding down the buttons and all those tricks you're supposed to do.  But it made this weird whirring clicking sound when it was plugged into power and I pretty much knew the end was nigh.

That was on Monday, when it had been working just find previously during the weekend.  Obviously as soon as I could, I went to the Apple Store to take it to the Genius Bar for them to state the time of death.  But it was very busy and there were no more reservations to be made that night.  I was able to ask a Manager about my iPod, but all he did was try the same things I did and then just recommended that I make an appointment for Tuesday.

I cannot survive without my iPod.  I listen to it when I'm loading PCR samples, when I'm in the mouse room, when I do confocal microscopy, when I drive to Providence…so I Tuesday I bought this:

My very own purple 2GB shuffle!  Very cute and extremely convienient with its clippy-ness.  But I still had that appointment that night at the Apple Store.

The shuffle is really great.  And now I don't have to worry about dropping it and it's awesome because I don't have to go through an annoying process to change the songs while I'm doing my experiments like taking my big iPod out of my pocket, taking off my gloves, etc.  I'm not terribly impressed with the sound quality, but it's good enough.

Love the clippy!

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