I am sooooooo excited and so happy, I can't even put emotions to words.  The best way to describe how I feel is to go over to this awesome blog post.

(Image from Andrew Sullivan)

In darker worries, I fear fear fear….

Freshly lifted from The Guardian:

President-elect Barack Obama will soon be one of the most heavily guarded men in the world, if he is not already.

As the first African American to be elected president, Obama is likely to face unprecedented threats on his life. Indeed, police and federal officials have already broken up at least two assassination plots, although it is unclear how serious either was. The secret service began guarding Obama in May 2007, the earliest ever in an election season.

In an indication of the level of protection Obama can expect, the stage on which he gave his victory speech in Chicago last night was shielded by a canopy of bullet-proof glass.

Obama recently remarked that he dreams about driving a car, something he has not done in more than a year.

I think The Pope should give Obama his bullet-proof Pope Mobile.  This would allow me to sleep better at night.

I am willing to hold a bake sale to help to realize my dream of protecting The Obama.

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