I got a Wii for my birthday, which is pretty exciting.  Not only because now I will definitely never be able to finish my PhD, but also because I have the greatest friends in the world and they totally decked me out with games and accessories.

One game that I really really wanted is DDR.  And the lovely boyfriend man got me Hottest Party 2!!  It's been really fun.  I was playing it last night like a maniac and I got stuck on this one song where I had to get 50 perfects in a row.  So I went to youTube and looked for some inspiration.  Wow.

This one is really cute because obviously they spent ages perfecting this.  I wish they would show you the score:

Then I found this, at a legit tournament:

I love how they relay!

Now I know my backup plan if this whole "PhD" thing doesn't work out: DDR MASTER.

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