Here begins another session of me training myself not to write "08" when I write the date but "09" because for some reason, it's hard to break a habit that you have been doing for one year.  With the months and days it's not a big deal because you're changing them all the time.  But the year??  Oh man.  I've already messed up three times today.  Good thing pure ethanol can erase most permanent markers.

In other really exciting news, I got a new cookbook for Christmas:

The ideas for cupcake decorations inside are not only amazingly beautiful, but also insane and slightly disturbing.  And it makes you realize all that you could be doing with your time if you didn't have school or actual work.  If you can get your hands on this book, I highly recommend a flip through because the pictures are awesome.  I don't know how it will taste, due to the 400% sugar content from the decorations, but man, does it look great.  Coincidentally, I even got a great set of canvas piping bags and a beautiful set of metal tips for cake/cupcake decorating.  Perhaps there will be some frosting mayhem this weekend.

Through the wonders of money saving on Woot, (aka, let's pay something in the low teens, rather than head into that three digit territory) I have been able to procure a webcam for myself.  It works GREAT and so far I've been able to chat with and see my friend who lives in Paris, which is is pretty much awesome.  The boyfriend has also gotten a new computer with a built in webcam so this weekend we were able to video chat with this brother who lives in Berlin and his dad who is in England.  The wonders of technology!  I love how I am doing this now in 2009 even though webcams have been in use since 1991.  And I call myself Asian.  Sheesh.

Happy New Year everyone!

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